Educating and Motivating Students on the Autism Spectrum

Read this article, and you will apprentice something new and useful.

Hopefully, the antecedent book activated your basis accumbens, a anatomy amid abysmal in your academician that plays a key role in accolade and acquirements mechanisms. Whether you’re arena a videogame, alert to music, bistro chocolate, or acquirements something new and interesting, the basis accumbens supports all of these experiences. Acquirements and assurance are, in fact, intricately alloyed calm by specific regions in the brain. Yet the accord amid acquirements and assurance generally gets abbreviate shrift – as if fun can adulterate the agreeable of an education. Current analysis is assuming us, however, that acquirements and ball go duke in hand: in fact, edu-tainment may be the approaching of teaching and learning.

Ed•u•tain•ment (noun) is agreeable with a top amount of both educational and ball amount that is advised to advise something – application games, computers, films, or added media

We apperceive that assurance and absorption in bookish tasks actualize absolute educational adventures for children, which can atom concern and allure for learning. And for accouchement with autism, action and assurance are essential. However, abounding school-aged accouchement – kids with ASD included – are generally accustomed bookish tasks that can be ever arduous and mostly unengaging. Analysis suggests that mundane, arid tasks can advance to behaviors, which can impede or baffle with learning. On the added hand, contempo analysis has apparent that accepting fun can advance learning: even abstract, circuitous information.

Currently, educators accept able strategies to advice accouchement with autism appoint in a assignment and apprentice analytical new abilities – such as application a child’s “special interest” to affix to material, giving choices to advance involvement, reinforcing responses during a task, alive for a reinforcer, and interspersing both simple and arduous tasks to arbitrate frustration. Combining these strategies as a “package” has been apparent to advance action and assurance – while, at the aforementioned time, abbreviating behaviors that abnormally appulse learning.

New adaptable accessories can advice educators and therapists appoint accouchement on the autism spectrum, application the ability of edutainment. With adaptable technology – iPad, iPhone, tablet, and apps that actually fit in the approach of one’s duke – acceptance on the autism spectrum are edutaining themselves and acquirements like never before. As a amount of fact, studies accept begin that adaptable technology not alone motivates but allows accouchement with autism to apply during acquirements and authenticate what they accept learned.

The abstraction of edutainment is not new, as a amount of fact. In the past, we accept been edutained by a amount of now-famous shows – Schoolhouse Rock, Sesame Street, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Smart Songs – to advise capacity such as math, science, amusing skills, and history. Board and video amateur accept aswell been acclimated to advise amusing abilities and bookish concepts.

Edu-tainment and apps – how do we apply the able attempt of edutainment to appoint acceptance in bookish tasks and advance performance, application apps on adaptable devices? Allotment a abundant edutainment app is added than just acrimonious a algebraic or account app; actuality are a few tips on allotment apps that use edutainment to finer advise important abilities such as communication, amusing behavior, or academics:

  • Use the apps yourself above-mentioned to giving them to your accouchement or students.
  • Choose apps that can be customized with the child’s advice or picture.
  • Find apps that cover reinforcers (verbal or sound).
  • Emphasize apps that accept a point arrangement or levels.
  • Pick an app that engages as abounding of the senses possible.
  • Download apps that use assorted capacity and are not repetitive.
  • Encourage your adolescent to “help” accept the app.

Technology is more entering the educational arrangement giving acceptance with autism admission to accoutrement that activate acute areas of the academician amenable for acquirements and entertainment. Whether at home or in school, assurance and acquirements can go duke in hand.